Heather Connor

Team Leader | REALTOR®

Your Resort & Second Home Specialist for Crested Butte and Gunnison

About Heather Connor

Heather’s parents started and operated a ski school for 25 years in Washington State and introduced her to the world of skiing at the age of 3, so you might say it’s in her blood. She eventually went on to coach for the SMART Race program at Silver Mountain prior to finding Crested Butte. She received her “official” degree in Public Relations and Speech Communications from Gonzaga University. Her non-official degree in the school of “real life” learning was working in direct sales for the Southwestern Company during her college summers where she learned multiple valuable sales and business skills. To be able to live in Crested Butte with her two rescue pups while also owning her own business is a true dream lifestyle. So why choose Heather over another agent? She is the expert that other local agents ask for management and investment analysis. She has strong experience in starting and running a successful local business and is a proud local female employer, Managing Broker and invests in the local market. She adds another dimension to the value a real estate professional can provide you. Call her today to help you find your dream in Crested Butte!

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